Tuesday, 18 October 2011

To Hexipuff or not to Hexipuff

That is the question my Sophie keeps asking me. I just sit there and look pretty hoping it will give her the answer to the ever important question.
Apparently, Hexipuffs are the "in" thing at the moment, everyone's doing them, but what are they I ask? From what I found out during my research today, Hexipuffs are little double sided knitted hexegons, knitted in the round and then stuffed with fluff to make the poofy.

They are then attached together to make a quilt called "The Beekeepers Quilt" (if you've done enough of the puffs).

I also saw someone use them to made a seat cushion
At the moment my Sophie doesn't know how to knit in the round on circular or DPNs so I need to continue my research to see if there is a crochet version. However, my Sophie is adament that she won't even think about a hexipuff until she has finished her Olympic Woolsack cushion. She is keen to learn how to knit in the round and make me some socks, I'm not convinced my paws need socks but my Sophie keeps telling me I'd look cute in them (I think I'm already as cute as a button).


  1. oooh, I hadn't seen these, what a great idea. The seat looks very comfy and I'll bet a quilt would be mega cosy!

  2. Like how you explained about hexipufs. Love the quit and cushion.

  3. I'd never seen them until a friend told me about them recently. I like the vintage feel to the seat covers, a modern twist on the patchwork quilt pillows.