Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gooey Cheese centre

Last night was date night for my Sophie which meant my friend Farmer Jon came over for the evening. Farmer Jon is a lovely chap and gives me lots of cuddles...even if I don't want one, but fear not, I get my own back by having a nibble on his fingers until he gives up on the cuddle. He tells me off but I know he loves it so I don't pay his tellings off any attention.
My Sophie made her special cheese burgers for tea and I thought I would share with you how she makes them.
First of all, here are the ingrediants

Mozzarella cheese
Crackers (or breadcrumbs)
Tomato Puree (or Tomato ketchup)
Any extra spices you might want to add

My Sophie used 500g of mince last night and it made 4 large burgers. She doesn't put them in burger buns which is why they are larger than the average burger. You can ofcourse use a smalled amount of mince or make smaller burgers to get more than 4.

Now, put about 6 crackers in a strong bag and roll with a rolling pin until they turn into fine crumbs. This is where you can replace the crackers with breadcrumbs.


Then you gotta put all the ingredients into a bowl (expect for the cheese, something special happens with the cheese) adding a couple of squirts of tomato puree or ketchup. If you want to spice things up abit you can add your spices now.

Mix, Mix, Mix until everything blends together and then chop the mozzarella cheese so you have a lump for each burger and some thinner strips of cheese.

Now you're ready to start putting your burgers together, get ready to squish and shape!

Split your mix up into however many burgers you are making and then split each burger pile into 2 halves.

Top Tip: To stop the mince sticking to your hands, rinse them in some water first but don't dry your hands.

With one half in your hand, squish the mince into a compact burger like shape and then make a cheese sixe dent in the middle. Pop one lump of cheese in, this makes the special gooey cheesey centre.

Then you put the other half of the mince on top and squish some more until the 2 halves have mooshed together and there is no gap for the cheese to ooze out of when cooking.
For extra cheesey delight you add the strips of cheese on the top of the burger and then cook for about 20min at 170.

Just going into the oven
An now ready to enjoy

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing how My Sophie makes her burgers. Farmer Jon thinks they're yummy, I wouldn't know, my Sophie doesn't let me try any *sniff* *sniff*.


  1. These sound yummy, will have to try making them with my 10yo son, he loves cooking & getting messy so these keep him happy :-)
    Diane x

  2. I'm glad my post has inspired you to try them