Thursday, 13 October 2011

Folksy Friday

My Sophie was telling me about Folksy Friday the other day. Apparently all the lovely people on Folksy with blogs help promote each other by having a themed blog on a Friday and feature things they find on Folksy. Sounds easy enough I thought I would give it a go.
I decided to go back to the summer months when I used to sun bath in the garden. Do you remember when we could sit outside like this and just doze the day away?

Flowers are my inspiration for todays blog, I hope you like the selection I have chosen.

Sweet Pea are my Sophies favourite flower, the smell is gorgeous and I found the Oakwood Soaperie selling a couple of Sweet Pea fragranced items...yummy


Next up I've picked some beautiful Roses from Imogen's Imagination


For those who read my post the other day about felt, you would know that I would not be able to resist showing you these gorgeous flowers by Made by Lolly.

And lastly I could not reisist this handsome fella by Jessicas Jotters. He looks like my kinda fun loving fella

Hope you like my first Folksy Friday and that I've featured enough items to be able to call it a Folksy Friday blog. I think my Sophie will give me a yummy treat for picking such lovely items.


  1. Love all the flowers. A very pretty selection.

  2. lovely choices, I love made by lolly's brooches

    Kate(glassmountain) x

  3. Great items lovely colours thanks for sharing

  4. A purrfect selection. Thank you for including my jotter :)

  5. thank you so much for choosing my roses sophie, what a fab selection for a great theme :o)


  6. Thanks for checking out my first Folksy Friday, glad you like my selection.

  7. A fantastic first Folksy Friday, great theme and lovely selection.
    WEll done.

    {Dab and a dash.}