Tuesday, 11 October 2011

At It again

Uh oh, my Sophie has been crafting again. She's working on some new Christmas decorations, fabric is all over the place! I don't know how she manages to turn a pile of fabric into something pretty but she does. It's all too tempting for me to mess with so I stayed out of the way tonight and found a quiet spot upstairs...maybe I'll have a play tomorrow when she's at work hee hee.
So far my Sophie has made two decorations for her next craft fair, she needs to get a move on if she wants enough for the stall. I also heard her mention some felt decorations so that'll be another trip to the fabric shop in the near future...felt might be nice to curl up on, I'll let you know if I get to test some out.


  1. Just popped over from folksy to follow you.
    We are very jealous of your blog, we are not allowed one of our own, our human will not let us.
    Love Charlie + Ollie (Cats)

  2. Felt IS nice to lie on, especially as our fur sticks to it very well. It's also nice for carrying around the house and leaving in dark corners. Sophie will say you are naughty, but she doesn't mean it, they love it when we move their stuff around!

  3. @ Charlie & Ollie - Thank you for being my first follower! I'm thinking of doing interviews in future posts so maybe one day you can be a guest on my blog.

    @ Lila & Mia - Thanks for the tips on the felt, think my Sophie is having a day off friday so fingers crossed she'll go to the shop. I have plenty of hidding places I can "tidy away" her new purchases. Thanks for following my blog, I would love to interview you one day too.