Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WIPs finished

Well, my Sophie has been a very busy girl this last week, I'm so proud of her.

After what seems to have been ages since anything has been completed she has cracked on and finished off 2 projects which have been ongoing for a while and is half way through her third one.

The first was 15 Christmas baubles for her upcoming craft fair in Chipping Sodbury. She does have a 16th bauble to make but ran out of pins! If they sale well at the craft fair she'll have some extra pocket money to buy more pins and make more ready for the December fair. This is the first year my Sophie has made these baubles and she is starting to diversify away from using just wool in her projects to using fabrics as well. As you may have seen in previous posts we have a fabric shop not far away and I think she loves visiting and having a good rummage to see what they have on offer.


The second completed project was her Olympic Woolsack cushion ready to take to the Knitting Expo in Exeter on Sunday to be stuffed. This was a great project that my Sophie got involved in, check out the Woolsack website. In short, the aim is for every Olympic and Paralympic athlete taking part in the London 2012 games to receive a cushion made out of British Wool as a personal gift from Great Britain. My Sophie isn't the strongest of knitters but she designed a cushion that is suitable for her skills and it has spurred her on to develop her knitting skills by starting to make a hot water bottle cover and learn to knit socks. There's no stopping her now!

The third project is a hot water bottle cover that she's making for a Christmas present so she has a bit more time to complete that one. Last night she finished the first side and I think it looks rather good especially, I can't wait to see the finished article (just hope the hot water bottle fits inside) The second side will be casted onto the needles tonight and as she isn't planning on doing cables on the back should knit up pretty quickly.

I'll get my Sophie to take some photos of these projects when the light is abit better (rather gray and glummy here) and post them for you to have a nose at. In the meantime, I'm off to play with my favourite toys which my Sophie kindly sprinkled with cat nip for me.

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