Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A guest blogger

Hi, I'm Reggie

I'm the boy next door to Tiggi and I've taken over her blog for the day. Due to unforseen circumstances, Tiggi is not able to write on her blog at the moment, something to do with modern technology and internet, blah blah blah I lost interest to be perfectly honest.

Me and Tiggi have been neighbours since I was a kitty and I know her Sophie likes me lots and lots cos she's always stroking me when I'm lounging on her decking. I remember when I was really ickle I snuck into her living room via the front window which made her smile. I'm such a cutie pie, Farmer Jon wants to adopt me.

Sophie has recently planted her spring bulbs and in a couple of the little troughs are some mystery bulbs. Basically they are ones which Sophie planted last year but can't remember which are which, so I could be sat on daffodils, tulips or snowdrops.

Whatever they are I'm keeping them warm for her.

Sophie has also planted alliums, gerberas, and she's very excited about the pink daffodils that are new to the garden this year. I've told Tiggi she needs to write a post about the new garden design when she gets back online.

Well that's me done for the day, I'm going back over to my house for abit, if Tiggi doesn't fix her internet soon perhaps I'll post again, until then, keep curious and looking over those fences.


  1. Well aren't you a handsome chap! How nice for Tiggi & Sophie to have such a friendly neighbourhood cat. The only cat that visits us scares Mia & Lila inside, although I'm not sure it's his fault as he just sits there at the end of the garden, he doesn't actually do anything...

  2. LOL! So cute - the blog and the kitty! Sadly our house isn't the same - our two boys fight constantly with their neighbours. It does lead to some entertaining bog-brush tails tho :-)

  3. Awww... great to have a guest speaker occasionally!