Thursday, 3 November 2011

What's love got to do with it

Today I want to talk about something close to my heart. It's the big "L" word, you all know the one I mean "Love". Love is many things and different things to different people.

I'm the type of cat who sits and watches the world go by but don't let my cute face looking innocently up at you fool you. I get to observe the comings and goings of everyone and I don't miss a trick.

Love is a great big hug whenever you see that special someone, or you see something in a random place that makes you smile, put there by the same person


You won't always find love in the obvious places, you may have to look at someone long and hard to see the love in them, but it is there


You could announce your love to the world


It's about doing things together, spending time having lots fun, and making memories and sharing your dreams


Love may or may not lead to marriage and children but if you are happy being together keep enjoying what you are doing


But, at the end of the day, love is a lovely cup of tea made by the one you care lots for when you get in from the cold, or if you've had a bad day, and they are there ready to listen and talk whenever you need them

This post is for a very special person, and I hope it helps to reassure them that love can be many things. There is no right or wrong when it comes to love. The word doesn't have a single definition, it's a feeling and no two people will ever have the exact same thoughts on what it means to them and that's ok.

Stop and think every now and then, ask yourself, what would it be like without that other person, do they make you smile and support you when you need it? It may not be love but don't let that person go.

This is such a thought provoking subject it's too much for one post and I will be coming back to it again.


  1. Lovely selection. Thanks for including my Live Love Laugh collage x

  2. Without wanting to sound too twee, but Lovely finds!

    Natalie x

  3. very thought provoking blog,love is hard to define,isnt it?Look forward to the next instalment.
    jean xx

  4. Love is such a little word but it means so much and can be so hard to say.

    Lovely blog,
    Catherine x

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  6. (Sorry about the above deletion!)
    Aww. This is such a nice post. You really made me think about 'love' on the forum yesterday and it made me realise how very lucky I am. Thank you :)
    I've done a Folksy Friday too, over at Fordie Fresh.
    Top Floor Treasures x

  7. This made me smile a warm smile:)

  8. What a lovely post and superb finds too.

  9. Lovely items there :-) Di x

    Love is our Dad taking us for a really long walk when he's much rather be watching the football ;-) Dex and Lou xxx