Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Knit knit knit

My Sophie left me all on my own Saturday night so she could travel down to Devon for the Exeter Knit Expo on Sunday. Luckily she has put her thick winter duvet on her bed, it's like sleeping on a cloud, so I didn't miss her too much. An added bonus was that her sister popped into see me this morning. I do like it when she visits, she always gives me big squishy cuddles which I'll put up with for a few seconds and then scrabble away.
When my Sophie finally came home Sunday afternoon she told me all about her day. She said the expo was really inspiring and she even stuffed her woolsac cushion.

A new book on knitted cowls was purchased which I think she will be making for herself in the very near future.

No new yarn was purchased which I'm rather surprised about, but I think my Sophie is in the market for a nice set of circular needles, she used the excuse that most of the cowls in the book are made on them so she needs to get some to make a cowl...hmmmmm I said.

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